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Are you receiving alerts from FSDOs when performing altimeter and transponder checks?

The proliferation of highly sensitive ADS-B ground stations worldwide has created a challenge for Aviation Maintenance Technicians when doing altimeter and transponder checks. Even a small amount of RF leakage can create false intruders and earn you a notice from your FSDO. With a ground station’s sensitivity of -84dBm, even a low power transponder with…

CRFS Winter Webinars

December 3rd, at 12pm EST, we have: Spectrum Dominance – Supporting EMSO for the Future Force. December 16th, at 9am and 4pm GMT, : How to avoid the risks when investing in regulatory spectrum monitoring January 20th 2021, at 4pm GMT. In How to create a best-of-breed Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) solution

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Measuretest cc was formed and started trading in October 1984, is 100% privately owned and has evolved from a series of take-overs and buy-outs of overseas principals.  The business of the  Company was formerly with Marconi SA (Pty) Ltd which was established in 1919. A feature of the Company is the relationship it has maintained…