VIAVI AVX-10K Flight Line Test Set Approved For Use On Boeing Commercial Aircraft


The NEW VIAVI CX300 builds on the 3920B legacy by providing proven measurement accuracy, faster automated test and alignment speed, VNA and LTE capabilities up to 6GHz, all in a field portable package that doesn’t sacrifice specs or performance.  See how the CX300 gives you the power to test portable and mobile radios, infrastructure, and…


The AVX-10K by VIAVI Solutions is a comprehensive device for testing Communication, Navigation and Surveillance avionics systems. Using modular hardware and software defined applications, the AVX-10K combines the features of our well-known IFR4000 and IFR6000 test sets into a single, simple-to-use device.  From a quick airborne system auto-test to in-depth troubleshooting, testing can be done…

VIAVI CX300 ComXpert

The CX300 ComXpert is an easy to use, complete communications test solution capable of testing everything from portable radios, to complex infrastructure, to broadband networks. The CX300 incorporates the most popular features from our industry leading test sets into a field portable package without sacrificing specs or performance.

Are you receiving alerts from FSDOs when performing altimeter and transponder checks?

The proliferation of highly sensitive ADS-B ground stations worldwide has created a challenge for Aviation Maintenance Technicians when doing altimeter and transponder checks. Even a small amount of RF leakage can create false intruders and earn you a notice from your FSDO. With a ground station’s sensitivity of -84dBm, even a low power transponder with…

CRFS Winter Webinars

December 3rd, at 12pm EST, we have: Spectrum Dominance – Supporting EMSO for the Future Force. December 16th, at 9am and 4pm GMT, : How to avoid the risks when investing in regulatory spectrum monitoring January 20th 2021, at 4pm GMT. In How to create a best-of-breed Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) solution

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Measuretest cc was formed and started trading in October 1984, is 100% privately owned and has evolved from a series of take-overs and buy-outs of overseas principals.  The business of the  Company was formerly with Marconi SA (Pty) Ltd which was established in 1919. A feature of the Company is the relationship it has maintained…